New Beverage Sales

New beverages sales are the lifeblood of all beverage distributors and retailers and hundreds of new beverages introduced each year. Sadly, only a handful will succeed. Retailers and beverage distributors are constantly searching for new and innovative beverages that will add profit to their bottom line. Getting a beverage in front of major buyers and distributors takes experience and a lot of persistence. Having the greatest tasting beverage in the world does not mean much if consumers are not aware of it. An effective marketing approach to get distributors and retailers excited about the new beverage is indispensible. Select a distributor that focuses on beverages, rather than a wholesaler that “specializes” in everything. Selling the new beverage to distributors is only the first step. Consumers must respond by purchasing the product. The fastest way to fall off from a major retail account or distributor list is to fall flat on sales. Aggressively implement the many Sales, Promotional and Marketing strategies that will boost sales at any retail account.