Beverage Packaging

Shelf-presence is very important in beverage packing. The perfect combination of package and design will cut through the clutter and will catch the eye of the consumer. Consumers know what they want and what they like, but there is precious little time to make a strong impression. In an over-stimulated world, countless bits of information are never even processed. Getting a product to stand out from the competition on store shelves is what package design aims to accomplish. Trends can greatly influence package design. Market researchers in the beverage industry make it their job to not only stay on top of current trends, but also predict and shape future trends. Just a few years ago, most of us would not have thought that pink would be a popular color for consumer electronics. Now, there are pink laptops, pink iPods and pink office supplies, and pink lemonade drinks are still flying off the shelves. Beverage manufacturers value consumer feedback, as it provides insight into current and future trends. Consumers, who openly share ideas and preferences for appropriate beverage portions and environmentally friendly containers, find a welcomed alliance with beverage producing companies. Modern day consumers drink on the go and many look for convenient beverages in single-portion packages that are quick and easy to drink and carry. Smaller-sized multipacks are gaining popularity through club stores and super markets. Multipacks of smaller unit sizes are gaining popularity as a great on-the-go alternative. Many consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability initiatives, environmentally friendly packaging and carbon footprints. Beverage packaging has a green packaging rating that consumers might consider a factor when making drink purchase decisions. Other trends that drive long-term packaging innovations involve efforts to improve package strength, ease of use, material efficiency and packaging designs featuring improved resistance to breakage and reduce spilling. From an operational standpoint, packaging materials and designs that decrease the weight of containers can add to the bottom line. Some beverages seek to connect with consumers by communicating a subtle or subliminal message. The proper package design can imply a wholesome, healthy or an all-natural message. Other products may opt to convey a utilitarian message and connect with consumers that value convenience through a package design that may facilitate storage, highlight space saving attributes or promote ease of use with a design intended for the smaller hands of a child. The customer is king. Address the needs and establish a relationship with the consumer.